Due to the nature of our business, particularly that involving resolving past investments that have gone wrong, it is TLA’s practice to maintain the confidentiality of our clients. We can, however, provide client references on a case by case basis, including prominent legal firms and banks with whom we have worked.

Notwithstanding the more recent focus on advisory services to help new investors get it right first time round, TLA continues to assist investors resolve problems with prior investments in Latin America. In Brazil, we have advised foreign companies involved in two judicial restructuring cases – the outcomes of which should be taken as a warning by prospective foreign investors in this booming, yet highly complicated market.

Other clients include a UK based investment fund that contracted TLA to assist with the recovery of an investment in a company in Central America. This assignment led to a major debt restructuring, followed by a de-merger and subsequent operational turnaround and development of an exit strategy for the restructured division.

On the advisory side, TLA has advised foreign investors in three successful equity investments in Uruguay. It has also undertaken due diligence on behalf of two multinational companies investing in new projects in Brazil, including the practical steps to establish new companies correctly to reduce the risk of future problems. References are available upon request.

The two main “lessons learned” that we emphasize to our clients are the following:

there is no substitute for effective due diligence prior to investing.
if things start to go wrong with an investment, denial is the main enemy.

We encourage clients with distressed investments to take action before it is too late.