About Us

TLA uses a combination of international experience and local know-how to provide value-driven advisory services and workout solutions to overseas investors with money at risk in Latin America.

For new investors to the region, TLA provides expertise and a network of local contacts to identify potential issues before they become problems. Undertaking rigorous due diligence is paramount in this process.

For investors with issues to resolve with current and past investments, TLA has the local knowledge to diagnose problems and implement recovery solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner.

There are several important factors that distinguish TLA from our competitors.

TLA is a specialist firm that can react immediately to the needs of its clients. If you have a problem today, we can devote a senior associate to it immediately.

TLA established its “Think Global, Act Local” motto in 2004. This philosophy is the basis of our offering to investors in need of a trustworthy partner to help steer them through often complicated situations in Latin America.

TLA has a network of top level business contacts throughout Latin America, including prominent lawyers. Due diligence is our specialty.

TLA partners and associates are business managers, not consultants. We understand the practical and cultural issues involved in operating businesses in Latin America and can implement the solutions we recommend.

TLA is a close knit team that can react immediately to a crisis situation and insure that swift action is taken at reasonable cost to our clients.